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Fascias, Soffits & Guttering

Jerry Still Installations offer refurbishment or replacement service for Soffits, Fascias and Guttering. These come in a range of colours to compliment the style of your home. Poorly maintained gutters and fascias can not only bring down thew look of your property, but could also cause further structural damage in the future.


The fascia is often referred to as the roofline and is the main board that carries the guttering. The fascia is fixed directly to the roof trusses and has to support large amounts of water running through the guttering which can be a few gallons per second during heavy rain.


The Soffit board isthe board directly under the fascias and is the board you will most likely see most off when looking up at the front of the property from the street. The soffits can also be ventilated to allow air flow into the loft space, reducing the risk of condensation that could cause rot and timber decay.


There are a few different gutter types to choose from, round, square, Ogee and deep flow guttering, all coming in a variety of colours.

Round Gutteringround guttering

Semi-detached houses, terraced houses and some commercial buildings and offices use round guttering.

Flow rate 0.9 litres per second

Square Gutteringsquare guttering

Older housing and conservatories often have square guttering, these have a higher water flow than round guttering.

Flow rate 1.6 litres per second

Ogee GutteringOgee guttering

For a roof which requires the rapid dispertion of a high volume of water Ogee guttering would be used.

Flow rate 2.2 litres per second

Deepflow Gutteringdeep flow gutering

The deepflow guttering is as a traditional round gutter with a deeper section, suitable for commercial buildings, offices and detached houses.

Flow rate 1.8 litres per second

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